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The lock down started in March 23rd, 2020 and at the time there were only 2 cases. Out of these 2 cases, 1 had fully recovered and the other one was in isolation. Today after 59 days of the lock down, Kathmandu has seen the numbers of infected going in upward with 10 infections in Kathmandu and 3 in Chitwan along with other 453 out of which 42 has fully recovered and 3 deaths.

The Covid-19 has had major  effect on all economic activities around the world and tourism was the first to be hit. After weeks of lock down due to Covid-19, in Nepal an estimated 95% of the daily wage earners have lost their job and the situation does not seem to get any better with constant lock down imposed by the government. The majority of the people understand  the  need  for social distancing and have been respectful of the lock down but due  to the increasing misuse of the  vehicle passes, the movement of people have not been adequately monitored which made it easy  for  the virus transmission.

Covid-19 – Timelines in Nepal

Below is the timeline on the situation of COVID-19 in Nepal which reflects how, after all the necessary precautions taken the number

infected are still on rise.


24th: First Corona case in a student who returned from

Wuhan and was admitted to hospital only on 13 January  and  was  discharged on 17

January due to lack of symptoms.

25-27th: 2 cases in Teku hospital in isolation were discharged without waiting for results.


16 – 19th: 175 students from Wuhan were placed in

quarantine in Khareapati. Health Minister reported all of them tested negative.

17th: Nepal announces temporary suspension on

visa-on-arrival for Italy, Spain, China, S. Korea, Iran and Japan


10th: Nepal adds another 2 countries on temporary suspension of visa- on-arrival; Germany and France

11th: Suspension of trekking permits

13th: Thamserku Management decides temporary closure of office from 16 until 29 March Self Quarantine and work from home and asks all the staff to practice social distancing

14th: Government of Nepal announces temporary suspension on visa-on-arrival for all countries till 30 April 2020

18th: All flights from Europe and Gulf banned including transit from 30 March

20th: Government announces closure of international flights from 22 March, Government also announced closure of non-emergency services and institution from 22 March until further notice.

24th: Government declared complete lock down (curfew) effective

24 until 30 March Office temporary closure extended until 03 April (will apply as per government rules).

29th: Countrywide lock down extended to 7 April and international flights banned until 15


2nd: 6th case of woman who traveled from Belgium tested positive.

4th: 3 more cases reported positive.

6th: Country wide lock down extended to 15 April

12th: 3 more case reported positive in Birgunj.

17th: The case reported increased up to 30.

25: All flights suspended until 15 May


1 – 7th: Nepal’s tally reached 101.

8 – 5th: The total number of confirmed cases reached 258.

16th: First death related to the Covid-19 was confirmed.

17th: The Government of Nepal announced an extension to the nationwide lock down until 02 June, 2020 and all flights suspended till mid-June. Per the lock down order all residents and visitors throughout Nepal are required to remain in their place of residence. All movement on the roads, by vehicle and on foot, is currently prohibited with very limited life safety exceptions.

18th: Corona virus cases in Nepal rises to 375

The updated information on the current COVID-19, can be viewed on this link here.

Where are we after 9 weeks of lock down?

When the government decided to lock down on March 24, the goal was simple: to control the spread of the infection and the ripple effect of it which would lead to the free fall of the economy. But the government so far has yet to come up with any measure from their side to control the pandemic other than announcing the lock down. After 9 weeks of lock down, we have done very little test to find more positive cases. Now, that the lock down has been extended till mid of June and with strict rules people are only allowed to go out to buy food or for the essential works such as going to the hospitals. The government have ordered everyone to remain inside the house. As of now, the roads are empty with little to no movement and the country is desperately looking for a way out of this with other measures other than the lock down.