Dear Berghorizonte and Bhutan teams,

“Out of sight, out of mind”? Not at all! Back home, I still recall all the wonderful memories of this short but incredible visit to Bhutan. You made it possible and I’m very grateful for that.

My special thanks at this point goes to Chenga. He is an astonishing and powerful young man, who made me feel welcome from the first moment on. Chenga, you amazed me with your willingness to serve. Thanks so much for your very attentive care, your incredible and seemingly endless patience to answer all my questions. Thanks for the interesting discussions during our trip, and especially thanks for going “the extra mile” in so many ways, for doing so much more than just your job. That is true hospitality!
Chenga, I wish and would feel blessed if we would meet again. Maybe in Switzerland? Please take me by the word: This is my invitation to be your guide one day over here! J

But not to forget about Namgyel: A man like a rock! He was more than “just a driver” and made our trio complete. His English and his open mind amazed me. His incredible sense of humour brought a lot of laughter amongst the three of us. I have travelled quite a bit already. But I have never seen such a sovereign, calm and reliable driver, doing such a demanding job. Namgyel, you take so much pride and concern in what you are doing. It was a pleasure to observe that. With you, “the rock”, on my side I was always save and well taken care of.
I feel truly honoured that I have met you! J

These two gentlemen and so many others of you made my trip to an unforgettable experience. I know pretty well: In just twelve days, one does not even scratches the surface. But Bhutan has left already a deep imprint in my heart! It was a wonderful time and therefore:

Thanks to every one of you and Tachi Delek,

Christiane R. aus der Schweiz


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